Rushing Through Life

I regularly rush through life.

Meals are consumed whilst working, driving, or while intermittently cooking for others. I’ll usually hop up from the table before anyone else is done so I can begin doing the dishes.

Work is a flurry of tasks. I dance from one task to the next without taking so much as a moment to take a breath.

And at home?

If I’m not running around, desperately planning a wedding, training for an event or cleaning like mad, I’m collapsing from exhaustion on the couch. It’s all I can do some nights to stare blankly at my partner and force a smile.

Does this sound familiar to you?

I’ve recently started to try to make a change in my life.

I set two alarms in the morning. I wake up with the first, by lie quietly until the second goes off, allowing myself a few moments of peace and solitude before the day begins.

At lunch, I step outside, and walk briefly around the parking lot. I take a deep breath, and then return to work.

I’ve changed my training from focusing solely on mileage and times to effort level.

I do yoga on my rest days to carve out more time for me.

And I’m a happier, more whole person for it.

I haven’t mastered the perfect system yet, but I know that I’ve started on a route that is much more sustainable than my former lifestyle.

Rather than racing around until I collapse each month, barely able to climb out of bed, I’m trying to live with more presence and mindfulness.

I still regularly mess it up, but then again, I’m human.

Do you rush through life? Are you trying to slow down and enjoy the process? I’d love to hear more. Share your thoughts below.

Much love,


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