You’re Not Getting Any Younger…

Are you self-conscious?

Do you regularly worry what other people will think about you?
Do you think you’re fat, ugly, or some other negative, debilitating term?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, allow me to help you change your perspective.
You’re not getting any younger. And, unfortunately, gravity, time and environmental contaminants are NOT on your side.
That’s right. In addition to gravity slowly pulling down your skin, your body’s failing collagen production and the natural aging process, you need to contend with a host of environmental factors which are seemingly determined to destroy any remaining modicum of youth you may still possess.
Don’t believe me? Google the effect air pollution can have on your skin. Try not to freak out… Or quit your job and move out to the country.
Now that I’ve sufficiently freaked you out about the future, take a moment to look back on those old facebook photos and instagram posts. Whip out a photo album if you’re feeling nostalgic. Chances are, you looked pretty damn good. Gorgeous, in fact. Slim, trim, fit and hopefully, happy.
And guess what? When you took those photos, you probably felt equally as awful, worried or self-conscious as you do now.
Have you caught on to where I’m headed here?
So take a deep breath. Take a look in the mirror. Focus on every single positive quality and thing you love about yourself. Be it the gorgeous color of your eyes, the great hair day you’re having or maybe the way your jeans happily hug your curves.
Because tomorrow, you’re going to be one day older. And then another. And then another.
Don’t waste your youth. Enjoy it. Wear that tight dress out to dinner. Throw on a pair of heels. Sport the bikini. Run in your sports bra. And relish EVERY. SINGLE. MINUTE.
Take the photos. Smile. Enjoy your body while you have it. You’re not always going to look like this. And one day, when you’re old, saggy and grey, you too can point to old photos of yourself and brag to your grandchildren about how hot you were when you were younger. Here’s looking at you Grams (she turns 90 this September).
Still not happy with where you’re at? Figure out why. Chances are, you’re engaging in self-destructive behavior because of some unresolved emotions from your past. Seek out a qualified therapist who can help you sort through your issues. Because you’re worth the extra time and attention. Once you process and let go of the negativity in your life, you’ll notice positive changes all around.
Have you ever felt self-conscious before? What do YOU love about you? What’s YOUR favorite quality? Tell me all of the good things about your life; it makes me so happy to see other people happy.
Much Love,

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