Hallucination 12 Hour Race Report

What: Hallucination 12 Hour

When: Early February

Cost: ~$100

Terrain: Mountain Bike Trails/Grass; course is a loop a little over two miles long

Weather: 30s – 50s; very comfortable

My husband picked this event out in November as something to motivate him to keep running all winter… I figured I’d tag along as a nice excuse to run in some warmer weather sans face mask.
We flew into Charleston Airport and stayed at a Hampton Inn ~1/2 hour away from the event. Charleston is a small airport; it didn’t take us more than 15 minutes to get through security. This included the time it took airport security to search our bags (I didn’t take the batteries out of my headlamp), and swab our drink mixes.
I love the beds at Hampton Inns. We also tend to save a lot of money staying there since we usually load up on snacks during the continental breakfast and stash them in our room for later. Hoarders much?
The event started at 8AM. Unfortunately, they only had one port-a-potty, so this led to a bit of a wait and sub-par conditions. The Race Director promised this would never happen again though, thankfully. 🙂
Fortunately for us, the weather was gorgeous. Zero rain, beautiful temperatures and even a little sunshine. The course was mostly dry with pretty much no mud. I actually wore road shoes and had zero complaints. The trails were pretty well packed down and it was easy to get traction on.
The loop was pretty interesting. It twisted and turned A LOT, which helped with slowing down and maintaining a more even pace. The Hubby said he had a tough time with getting up to his normal speed due to the twists and turns; I didn’t have this issue. I actually liked the variability and felt that it helped maintain a more even, consistent pace.
100% of the course is runnable. I don’t wear a GPS watch or any of that fancy stuff so I have no idea what the elevation breakdown is, but the course was pretty darn flat aside from a couple of small rollers. These were really fun to try to run fast. I like to build up momentum on the downs and use it to carry me to the top of the next hill. I have yet to succeed in making it to the top of the next hill on momentum alone.
I really enjoyed this race. The short loops made it easy to keep track of nutrition. Part of the course runs out and back on a flat grassy area, which is right next to the parking lot/port-a-potty. We bought a tub to tuck out things in during the race from Walmart, but it would have been just as easy to put things in the trunk of our rental car if it has been raining. I liked to use this part of the loop to walk and eat.
The race director and the crowd were friendly and accomodating. I liked how neatly the aid station was laid out at the start/finish.
All in all, it was a fun event. We would definitely consider going back next year, especially as a reprieve to get away from the Upstate NY weather.
The Race Director also offers special pricing if you sign up for his race club. We can’t afford to travel that much, otherwise we’d probably consider it. I haven’t ran any of his other races, but we’ve got our eyes on a few of them. When/if we do, I’ll keep y’all posted.
Did YOU run the Hallucination 6/12/24 Hour this year? What did YOU think of the course? What about the other events in this series? I’d love to hear your comments below.
Much love,


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