Catskill Mountain 100K Race Report (2018)

What: Catskill Mountain 100K

Where: Phoenicia, NY

When: Mid-August; annually

Options: 100K or Relay

Price: $75/individual, $175/relay

Aid: None; you need your own crew

Course: Roads, point to point

Elevation: ~7500 ft total change, largest climb between miles 20 – 25

Weather: Usually hot & humid

Register: Ultra Signup

This is the second year I’ve ran the Catskill Mountain 100K. It has the potential to be a very fast course.

Only 11 solo runners started the race this year (including myself); 10 finished in times ranging from ~8:15 to ~15:20.

That’s right. The winning time was ~8:15. I can hardly fathom running that fast for a 5K.

Fortunately, for the middle to back of packers, the cutoff is 15.5 hours. If you can move along at a 4 MPH pace, you have a good chance of finishing.

The Route is point to point. No aid stations are along the course; you will need a crew to start the event. Dial it back between Mile 15 and 25; this is one of the hardest sections of the course.

Bring ice. It will likely get hot.

Wear road shoes.

A relay also runs at the same time as the solo ultra. Try not to get angry as they pass you. Remember; they’re not running nearly as far as you are.

Unfortunately, rest rooms are few and far between along the course. Be mindful of this when nature calls.

Due to poor timing on my part and poor planning, I ended up having my period during the event. And running out of tampons. My lovely partner bought some for me and I had to make due on the side of the road.

Ladies, and perhaps gentlemen, please plan better than I do if you run this event.

At least I have a funny story now though.

Several concerned crews asked me if I was okay. I tried to pawn everything off as terrible chafing. I can laugh now, but at the time, it was a low key nightmare.

All in all; it is a swell event and race director Todd Jennings does a fabulous job. If you’re not up for the full 100K, give the relay a shot. The only draw back is that this event falls on a Sunday each year, so those with limited vacation time will have to explain why they’re hobbling around the office come Monday morning.

Just me? Okay then. 🙂

Check out the Race Director’s Report here.

Have YOU ran the Catskill Mountain 100K? What tips do YOU have on training? The event? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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